tirsdag 14. juli 2009

Feeling blue?

Francesca Lia Block møter Holly Black mens Rowling bidrar og Buffy the Vampire Slayer ser på fra sidelinja? Jepp, der har du The blue girl av Charles de Lint.
"When Imogene, her mother, and her brother move to Newford, she decides to reinvent herself-this time she won't go looking for trouble. She quickly gets to know two very different people. Maxine is a "good girl," following a strict life plan. Imogene helps Maxine loosen up and break a few rules, and in turn Maxine keeps her on the straight and narrow. Imogene's other new friend is a little more unusual. His name is Adrian. He is a ghost. Adrian was killed when he jumped off the high school roof in 1998, and hasn't left since. He has a huge crush on her--so much so that he wants her to see the fairies that also haunt the school. The fairies invade Imogene's dreams, blurring the line between the unreal and the real. When her imaginary childhood friend Pelly actually manifests, Imogene knows something is terribly wrong. With Maxine, Adrian, and Pelly's help, Imogene challenges the dark forces of Faery. This compelling novel from Charles de Lint, the acknowledged founder of the "urban fantasy" genre, is set in the city of Newford, home to some of his best stories. After reading it, you will want to live in Newford, too."
Jeg storkoste meg gjennom det hele, selv om jeg kanskje synes Imogene blir litt for moralsk og snill et par små steder. Jeg liker jo Buffys If it moves, kill it-filosofi. Men det er jo den Imogene også går etter i det meste av boka.
Beste sitat: "It's funny, but I just never thought of librarians as having tattoos." Hun har nok ikke møtt Marte, nei...
Anbefales alle! Takk Aud, for at du "lurte" meg til å kjøpe denne.

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Anonym sa...

Denne må jeg ha! ;)

Mari sa...

Ja, det må du faktisk! :-D